Using the 1000€ STAP-budget to learn Dutch @ Bart de Pau Language Courses BV


We have been informed that the regulations for the STAP-budget will change from the next application round (1 November).

The implications: courses with an end level of A1, A2, A2+ will be excluded from STAP-funding. Only courses with a minimum end level of B1 can be funded with STAP in the future.

For our programme, that means the following:

The courses that are not fundable with STAP, you can still book, but then you need to pay the course yourself.

We have postponed the opening of the registration for the November round to 25 October, for two reasons:
– we expect a further clarification from the ministry on the recent change
– we understand that there will be a financial incentive to sign up for a higher level than someone actually has; so, we have to avoid this situation: we will update our legal terms and introduce an extra level intake

Good to know: the change will NOT impact the courses of people who had their STAP-budget approved in the rounds of 1 September and earlier.

Kind request:
The decision of the government is out of our control. We cannot comment on this change. We kindly ask you not to call or write us to discuss the implications. We think it’s very unfortunate that the levels A1 and A2 are excluded from the programme. We’re currently very busy serving the current groups and we simply don’t have the administrative resources to correspond about this change. We thank you for your understanding.

We offer 4 options to use the 1000€ STAP-budget:

Option 1:   2 levels – virtual classroom
– More information about the virtual classrooms: here.
– 2×10 sessions online (76 academic hours* of tuition)
– Mo+We or Tu+Th
– Morning or evening
– Start in October, November or January

Costs: 990€, covered by STAP-budget: 990 €.
You pay yourself:
– book: 39 €  (we have one book for level 1+2, one book for level 3+4, one book for level 5+6)

Option 2:   2 levels – intensive offline course in Drenthe
– More information about the Dutch Winter School: here.
– 2x weekend+week+weekend (80 academic hours* or tuition)
– 30-09-2022 till 10-10-2022 AND 21-10-2022 till 31-10-2022

Costs: 1190€, covered by STAP-budget-1000€
You pay yourself:
– rest sum education: 190€
– book: 39€  (we have one book for level 1+2, one book for level 3+4, one book for level 5+6)
– accommodation 20 nights: shared room (17€/night), single room (29 €/night), single room private bathroom (51 €/night), double room private bathroom (61 €/night)

Option 3:   1 level extended* – intensive offline course in Drenthe
– More information about the Dutch Summer School and the Dutch Winter School
– weekend+week+weekend or 2 weeks (40 academic hours* of tuition)
– start in September, October, January
– Extended pack includes: book + 1 year #dutchgrammar + online review weekend

Costs: 995 €, covered by STAP-budget- 995€
You pay yourself:
– accommodation 10 nights: shared room (17€/night), single room (29 €/night), single room private bathroom (51 €/night), double room private bathroom (61 €/night)

Option 4:   1 level extended* – intensive offline course in Amsterdam
– More information about the Dutch Winter School
– 2 weeks (mo-fr)
– start in January
– Extended pack includes: book + 1 year #dutchgrammar + online review weekend

Costs: 995 €, covered by STAP-budget- 995€
You pay yourself:
– accommodation 10 nights: shared room (17€/night), single room (29 €/night), single room private bathroom (51 €/night), double room private bathroom (61 €/night)

You can use this form to apply.

You cannot use the STAP-budget:
– for the online #dutchgrammar course as a self study package
– for courses that start less than 4 weeks after the UWV application date

Starting from 2022, the Dutch government provides funding to improve the position on the labour market of people living in the Netherlands. Dutch language education for foreigners is included in this programme. The government sponsors 1 time per year a course up to € 1000.

The conditions:
– you are between 18 and 67 years old
– you are covered by social security (usually automatically: if you live in the Netherlands or have income in the Netherlands)
– you have a BSN number / digiD.
– you don’t receive student finance / pension / DUO loan
– you have not been rewarded the STAP Budget in the current calendar year
– you are learning Dutch to improve your position at the labour market or to improve your chances to find a (better) job

Please note! The previous requirement that you or your partner need EU nationality has been dropped! So all nationalities can apply (regardless whether you have an EU partner or not)!

If you doubt whether you are eligible or not, you can do the pre-check at UWV‘s website or contact STAP’s telephone number: 088 – 898 22 02

With respect to the course:
– the organisation needs to meet certain standards, like having the NRTO quality mark (which we have)
– the course needs to be listed in the DUO Scholingsregister (our courses are listed)
– the course has the goal to improve course participant’s position in the Dutch labour market (Dutch language acquisition is generally considered to improve any foreigner’s position in the Dutch labour market)

For courses in October, November, December 2022 and January 2023:
Step 1: You pre-register at our website. Use this form. You need to do this not later than August 31, the earlier the better! (groups might fill up quickly).
Step 2: We will send you a confirmation of your application by e-mail within 24 hours.
Step 3: We will send you a pdf ‘STAP-Aanmeldingsbewijs‘ not later than 20 August (or within 1 day if you applied after 20 August) + detailed instructions on how to apply (as mentioned in step 4)
Step 4: 1 September at 10:00 o’clock you need to be ready to start your registration at UWV (a department of the Dutch government). Make sure you have your digiD and ‘STAP-aanmeldingsbewijs’. Make one tab in your browser reserved for the process; and make sure you have something to do in the meantime. It might take up to 2 hours. Everybody is applying at the same time, so there is a huge online virtual line (if you’re not prepared for this, it might be frustrating, just take into account that it will take some time)
Step 5: As soon as it’s your turn, you can login with digiD and upload your ‘STAP-aanmeldingsbewijs’
Step 6: UWV will take up to 4 weeks to confirm approve your budget (usually faster).
Step 7: UWV will deal directly with us regarding the payment of your budget; and your further involvement is not required for dealing with the budget
Step 8: We will send you a payment link if you ordered extras that are not covered by the budget.
Step 9: One months prior ot the start of your course: we will send you all relevant information / intake forms / levels tests / briefings / instructions for your online account  etc. (the same proces as with direct payments and follow up of information)

Sign up at our website before August 31. You can sign up at UWV 1st of September at 10 o’clock.

It is important to realise that you can’t use the STAP-budget for last-minute reservations. It’s a matter of planning ahead!

– In the month prior to that start of an application period at UWV, you can pre-register with at our website (step 1). For example if the application at UWV starts 1st of September (step 4), you can register at our website in August.
– UWV will take up to 4 weeks to approve your budget (step 6); that is counted from the moment you register at UWV (the start of the application period). So if you applied 1st of September (step 4), you will know 29th of September if your budget was approved (step 6).
– Our organisation needs to have a time to sell the spots of people who applied, but didn’t have their budget approved. Thefore we won’t offer courses that start within 1 month after approval (step 6).

– you need to apply in August at with this form (step 1), if you want to use the budget for a course that starts in October / November / December / January


If your budget is not approved, you will have the following options:
– you can pay for the course yourself
– you can cancel the course free of charge

Please note that if your budget is not approved, you will have a new chance again two months later.

#dutchgrammar is a video course; one of the requirements of a STAP-funded course is that there is teacher-student interaction (so video courses can’t be paid with the STAP-budget).

No. The STAP-budget covers educational costs only, not housing costs.

Fortunately, our housing costs in Drenthe are really low (starting from 17 euros/night) because we own the accommodation.

No. The criteria are strict. There is no chance of getting the STAP-budget if you don’t meet all the criteria.

With the STAP-budget, you can get maximum 1000 euros for 1 course.

So, we wanted to offer maximum value for this budget.

So we looked what we can offer for this price using the our regular rates.

The regular rate of 2 virtual classroom levels matches exactly the total budget.

The regular rate of 1 offline intensive course still had some budget left. So we slightly adjusted the package by including the book, a 1-year #dutchgrammar license and an online review weekend, making it an extended level. The STAP-budget allows course materials that are necessary for the course to be covered by the budget.

No, problem. You can sign up for the STAP-budget. If your budget was not approved, you can book the course and pay yourself.

Cancellation before applying at UWV:
You can cancel the application without any costs.

Cancellation after UWV’s approval, but before the start of the course:
After the budget is approved, the regular cancellation terms apply.

Early termination:
One of the obligations of the STAP-budget is that you do the maximum you can to complete the course. If you couldn’t finish the course, UWV might ask you to explain the reasons. If UWV comes to the conclusion that you didn’t do all you could to finish the course there is a risk they might ask you to refund the STAP-budget.

Changing levels
UWV does not allow to change after a course is approved. It is extremely important that you read the level descriptions, do the level test on our website BEFORE signing up.

Never sign up for a level too high!

Changing dates
Small changes in course dates (up to a month) are allowed by UWV. But please note: we can’t guarantee last-minute date switches. If you want to change dates contact us as soon as possible. As long as we haven’t made the final groups (usually 3-4 weeks prior to the course) we might be able to offer a solution.

The UWV website says that you can apply for a course that starts:
– not earlier than 4 weeks after the application
– not later than 3 months after the application period

But how is it then possible that 1 September, you can apply for a course that starts in January?

Well, it’s important to understand that the application period counts from 1 September to 31 October. So the course has to start within 3 months after 31 October (= 31 January). That is why you can apply 1 September for a course that starts in January.